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What is Childminding?

Your child will be looked after by someone who is required to and has been trained to give care to a high standard by following National Standards and whose setting undergoes inspections (by Ofsted and in the future in some cases by childminding agencies) to see that the care provided is of a suitable quality.

The children can be looked after in a family/home environment which can be less daunting than some larger settings. They get to know a few children in the setting really well.

Childminders are normally in a good position to meet individual needs and give lots of individual attention as they only look after small numbers of children.

A childminder can usually provide continuity of care as children often stay with them for long periods

Many childminders care for children of all ages and so siblings can often be looked after together making child care easier for families.

A childminder does not usually follow a strict timetable (except for school and preschool runs) and can usually be spontaneous, adapting to the weather or how the children are feeling.

Children can make the most of their community by attending toddler group, playgroups, visiting local shops, play areas, the common and going out for walks etc.

Childminders can help children learn through everyday experiences such as shopping, cooking and gardening and visiting the library.(or mobile library)

Note: Childminders get a lot of their custom through personal recommendation from existing or ex customers or other childminders.

Why use a registered childminder?

Useful Links

Registered childminders are childcare professionals who work from their own homes.

This page provides an introduction to registered childminding and its benefits. Scroll, or click the links below to jump to each section. For further information, visit our FAQ page.

Why use a registered childminder?

Useful Links

PACEY (formerly the NCMA) have a useful video on the benefits of childminding:

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