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About Mulbarton!

Mulbarton has many facilities and opportunities for children and families. It is also not far from and on a good bus route into Norwich where there are further facilities.

There are several play areas, including on the common, behind the village hall, off Cuckoofield Lane and a few small ones on the new estate. There are also play areas in neighbouring villages at Swardeston, Bracon Ash and Swainsthorpe.

The Common is a wonderful resource and there are ‘Outdoor Play’ sessions, run by Action for Children Family Support Workers from the Wymondham and Hethersett Children’s Centre. These take place approximately every fortnight on the common on a Tuesday morning at 9.30 (more details available from here). It is a wide, open space to run about play ball, chase bubbles, fly kites etc. There is plenty of nature and wild life to spot on the common and around Mulbarton, including ducks, rabbits, squirrels and even peacocks.

The mobile library also makes several stops within the village week alternating between Thursday during the day, and Monday evenings.

There is lots more information about Mulbarton on the village website and this includes a village Directory with useful contact details and links.


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